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About Us

Brite Kidds Early Advancement Childcare was established in 2011 for parents who wanted more out of their childcare experience. Both locations are apart of the On My way to Pre-K  and currently hold level 3 on the  Indiana’s Child Care Quality Rating and Improvement System known as," Path to Quality".


Our mission is to provide a Health and safety environment that supports children’s learning and social

emotional development for ages to infancy through fourteen years of age. We hold a level three in Paths to Quality and our goal is to advance to level Four, the highest level of achievement “National Accreditation”.


Our Team is dedicated to applying all necessary training to ensure high quality care is and will continued to be given to all families being service. We pride ourselves in understanding the importance of high quality childcare to children in the early years of life.



We pride ourselves our willingness to educate the community about the tremendous impact high quality childcare contributes to future success of their children. Brite Kidds Early Advancement are dedicated to providing parents with childcare stability, and high quality care for their children. 

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